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Hello, friends.

I hope this past week has brought you a little closer to thoughts of spring. Here in Southern Germany, it’s been a cold one, but today there is a sense of warmth in the air that has been absent since early December. I know logically there are only a few more weeks of winter, and my mind has already turned to turning the earth, trimming, cleaning, and seeding.

But first things first. Next week we finally (I say finally because we’ve postponed this trip three times now) are heading down to Italy, where work also awaits us. We’re about to have our first winter’s stay in the Tiny House, and we’ll fully test out the heating capacity of this beauty that we put in during our last visit.


This is our only heat source and as you can see, it double as an oven and cook top. We have an oven and cook top in the kitchen there, but I look forward to trying this one out. We ordered and stacked firewood before leaving last time, so this should be a breeze, right?

We’ll see.

In the meantime, I found this beyond amazing natural paint company that I’ll be ordering from for the exterior walls of the Tiny House and for some of the interior walls both in Italy and here in Germany. The colors and textures are gorgeous. If you’ve never thought about using lime paint on your walls, you might want to. There are no toxins at all in the paint (normal dispersion paint is acrylic - which in effect creates a plastic seal on the walls in your home. Lime paints can breathe - they allow humidity to flow through and dry naturally, where acrylic paints block humidity). As our home is under historic preservation, we’re required to use only natural paints, pigments and treatments. They are beautiful to work with - no fumes at all - and are like applying cream to the wall. I do love these Bauwerk paint so much. Here’s a couple of photos from their website to give you an idea of how they look.

bauwerk 1.png
Screenshot 2019-02-09 15.56.16.png

Very streaky and toned. Just how I like my paint!

I look around and I see so many projects to do, and I feel completely inspired to do them, but have to be a bit careful with the division of my time. Between pottery orders, renovating, redecorating and book writing, my life is very full. But I really don’t want it any other way. I enjoy creative endeavors so much, and don’t feel anywhere near my age - especially when I am being actively creative. I can’t wait to show you how the Tiny House is shaping up and the creative, inexpensive solutions we’re using there.

Last week, I took a train to Frankfurt, which is about 3 hours north of where we live. During my trip, I was able to pay a visit to Holly Becker’s event at a Depot, a German lifestyle retailer for which Holly developed a new limited-time home accessories line. The line is truly beautiful and the event was amazing. It was a chance for me to meet in person someone I have had online contact with for over a decade. Holly’s an interior design star here in Germany and has worked hard at perfecting her craft - something I can honestly relate to on just about every level. It was a such heart-warming meeting and event.


Holly’s collection is full of beautiful tones in copper, apricot, pink, lavender, anthracite, and shades of white. These pieces combine so well with so many things - Holly did a beautiful job at keeping the entire collection extremely easy to bring into a home without having to change everything. I’ve already picked up a few things for myself.

I wish all of you in America could purchase some of these pieces. But who knows what the future will bring? Knowing Holly, the sky’s the limit, so I would never say never about anything she does. A true inspiration.

table runners #depotxhollybecker, pottery by diana baur creations

table runners #depotxhollybecker, pottery by diana baur creations

Cushion to the right and paper feather: #depotxhollybecker photography: michele bogrette pottery and ceramic wall hangings: diana baur creations

Cushion to the right and paper feather: #depotxhollybecker photography: michele bogrette pottery and ceramic wall hangings: diana baur creations

The thing I like the most about Holly’s whole collection is how I can combine almost all of my ceramics with pieces of it. It’s versatile, fresh and pretty. I have several other pieces I’ll be photographing over the coming days as I figure perfect spots for them in my home.

Holly and over a dozen other brave pioneering women are the subject of my upcoming book on expat women and the lives they lead in the countries they have settled in. This trip to Italy is going to give me the chance to focus on writing and editing these amazing and wonderful stories.

I’m so excited about going to Italy this time. I miss the friends we’ve made there, and I’ll be having some interesting meetings about creative projects - yes, more projects! I can’t stop!

I’ll write when I am down there and show you some photos of our Tiny House turned Boho Loft in the heart of the wine country!

Have a wonderful week!

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