pit fired ceramics


Out of the earth, into the fire…

We will be pit firing ceramics. Diana will make forms for each person attending the workshop. These forms will have gone through their first, or bisque, firing already. We will wrap these forms in all kinds of materials (everything will be provided), from salt to copper wiring to feathers and leaves, and fire them in an outdoor pit. This is a method of firing as old as human history. It creates surfaces that are rudimentary and varied. As the pots fire, we’ll sit and talk about the ceramic process, and enjoy a fireside bbq together.

The different materials interact with the clay to create different effects on the pieces. We’ll also be making some medallions and pieces to use for jewelry or mala.

If you’re already an active potter, you’re welcome to bring your own pieces to the workshop to fire them.

The next day, we’ll take the pieces, clean them and wax them if desired. This will be a beautiful memento of your creative time in Umbria.