The Space Between

Between our internal world and the outside world is the space where we connect the two.

 It can at times be a clear stream of consciousness and at other times a sticky, muck-ridden mess. Sometimes it's easy to see things as they truly are and simply accept them, not second-guess or fill them with stuff that's part of another story.    

Other times, not so much. 

The stickiness of the space between starts to clear out when we can observe our own stories for what they are.  How we take in events, people, moments becomes very different when we know that while our past is a part of us, it does not define us.  It does not label us, and it does not make us.  

Everyone goes through experiences.  Good, bad, difficult, traumatic, joyful.  When we define ourselves by those experiences, we muck up how we view our external world going forward.  

We hamper our potential by loading ourselves down with stories that no longer serve us.  

We add drama to the trauma.  

This is not to say that we can not learn from mistakes or difficulties in the past.  We can and must.  But we don't have to define ourselves as a result of what's happened. We are free to be who we are today, without taking on the story and letting it skew our vision of and for ourselves. 

Stories that no longer serve us can play havoc with how we see ourselves, others, and life in general. We can view the stories we have lived through a prism of loving acceptance, and release the energy about the story that binds us.  

This is part of resilience and how resilience works.  


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