Releasing what does not serve makes space for what does. 

Space for newness arrives through releasing.  Release that which no longer serves. It's how life has survived through millions of years and how we evolve.   Evolution has never been a particularly easy venture. We die a million deaths in a single lifetime to allow space for something new.  We let go of our baby bodies and inhabit adult bodies that serve us in different ways over the span of time.  At some point our earth bodies no longer serve.  We let them go and allow space for what is next.  

We're born a million times in the same process.  We experience different sides of the contrasts of life.  Lack.  Abundance.  Sadness.  Anger.  Joy. Irony. Anticipation. Disappointment.  Boredom.  Outrage  Exhaustion.  Busy-ness. Trust.  Betrayal.  Friendship.  

Love.  Wisdom.  Wistfulness. 

And a million other facets of this contrast-rich world. 

Each giving us a chance to grasp.

Each giving us a chance to release.

Each giving us a chance to make space for another side. 

As the new earth-year invites you forward, release that which does not serve, and embrace the space to receive a new side of the contrasts of living.

Diana Strinati Baur1 Comment