Resilient Joy

Joy is of the essence.  

Once we tap into our own resilience we see that our suffering level is related to our ability to allow joy.  Joy does exist even when we feel it doesn't.  Feelings are deceptive.  Often, they don't reflect reality.  They more often reflect our exhaustion, our momentary concerns, our scattered synapse responses. 

If we can learn to stop at the moment when joy ceases and regather ourselves outside of our feeling world rather than as a victim of being inside of it, we can call on what we know to be true.  Once we've been knocked over and have gotten up, we know it's possible to get up, and so getting knocked over becomes less terrifying.  It feels more like part of the process.  

These mechanisms,  available to us when we are in the throes of change and pain and hurt, can keep us balanced enough to remember to connect with the source of all energy.  If we can manage to connect with energy, we won't completely contract and we will have a shimmering thread of light to grasp on to. 

That light is joy.  Love.  

Man, this is important work.  It's so needed.  Bouncing back is a learned behavior.  It's possible even in the most difficult of circumstances.  When I started putting together ideas for this course, it amazed me to learn about resilient people and their habits.  Their focus.  Their drive.  For some of us, resilience feels like a distant dream.  For others, it's second nature.  

These are the processes that are the core of the upcoming course on Resilience.  You can find the course description here.  There are 13 days left to register for the course.  

If you feel this course would be good for you, or if you know someone who really needs this information, please register yourself or pass it on.  I've priced it in a way that everyone who really needs it should be able to afford it; I did that with intent, because I know myself how I could have used this kind of course not so long ago.  

Being resilient is very much part of living a happy, healthy, self-determined life.  I look forward to your joining me on this journey.