Open Arms

A couple of months ago, Kathy McCabe, Rebecca Winke, Michael and I were sitting in a restaurant on a hill in the Langhe region of Piemonte, discussing everything from life to love to health and everything in between.  The discussion turned over to business. 

Rebecca commented that most clocks in advertising are set to 10 after 10, and that the reason for this is that it symbolizes open arms.

I've thought about this many times since that wonderful evening.  

The new year will be upon us in just a few short weeks.  We sit in a container of reflection and anticipation.  We drink tea and wine with friends and talk about all that's happened and all that's coming.  We want to make the most of what we know, of what we've accomplished, of the things we dream.  We don't want our hurts and our fears to topple us over.   

We want to greet the new year 10:10.  With open arms.  

Here are some thoughts on how you can do that: 

  • Creativity is plasma.  It's the manifestation of love on the physical plane. 
  • When we create, we manifest love in a very real way.  This causes us to expand and grow.
  •  When we know what drives us and what moves us, we can enter that space and bring out all that already exists inside.  Our true depth of experience doesn't have to lie inside of us, numbed and unreachable.  We can give our experience voice through our creativity. 
  • When we actively create, we temper our fears.  We don't ignore them, but we don't let them control us either.  We are behaving our way out of fear and contraction when we actively create. 
  • Creating can provide us with many things.  Satisfaction, joy, love, an income, something to give another person who has less.  Many, many good things can come from creating.  

So let's greet the new year with open arms.  Open your heart and soul to your creative yearnings and allow yourself to thrive.  Write your heart out.  Paint your soul out.  Draw or sew or photograph or sculpt or throw pots.  Give it your all. Embrace your talents with your entire being.  


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