I'll try my best

I'll try my best not to worry today.  Not to worry about all the things that could happen that I can't change.  Not to succumb to a path of assuming the worst.   Because all that worry and a dime will still get you bubble gum, and not very much of it at that. And it doesn't help, it never has and never will.  All it does is detract from possibility, making every good thing seem impossible.  Today I'll take it a moment at a time, and treasure the beauty that is all around me, just waiting to be found. 

I'll try my best to center today.  Because centering is what brings me back to my core strengths, and reminds me of my purpose.  It's the tool I have at my disposal when life gets tough and complicated. Come back to center.  Come back to what I know to be true.  


I'll try my best to create beauty today.  Because this world is going to be saved by artists and dreamers, gardeners and writers.  I want to be among those changing things for good.  It's up to us, and us alone, to manifest beauty and love.  

I'll try my best to be kind today.  Because in this byte-driven, distracted and hyper-stressed world, only kindness can break through and let us exhale. Just being nice is not complicated, and doesn't require anything from us other than to assume the best instead of the worst in each other.  

I'll try my best.