A Creative Season

It's been a while since I've put down words here.  Truth is, I've been busy, and not able to get to everything I want to reach.  We've been working creating a business.  A wine website, Babarolo, full of the small, organic producers we came to know and love in our years in Italy.  The website just has a sign up sheet right now, (in German only, harumph...). We're looking to give small producers a stage in Germany and beyond where they can thrive.  Much like the B&B, had someone told me what kind of work would be involved with creating a beautiful, smart, cool, functioning online shop, I probably never would have started the venture.  But after months of fits and starts, we are nearing the launch.  I´ve once again learned an entire new trade.  I thought I knew a lot about websites, but now I see I knew very little!  

The website will be gorgeous and full of wonderful things:  a video from  Ashley Bartner, who came to Piedmont with her husband Jason to work with us (I can only recommend working with Ashley.  Talk about fun, professional and, well, fun), recipes and words from our friend and partner Eva Ramseier, who has been part of Babarolo since its early days, beautiful products, and awesome photography from Nicolas Schot, our friend and professional fashion photograher who just happens to be our neighbor in Piedmont, where we maintain a pied au terre.   

Our first video focuses on two of our Babarolo producers and gives a feeling what early spring is like in Piedmont.  We had crappy weather, but it really didn't matter.  Italy is beautiful no matter what the weather, and when you're surrounded by great people, food and wine, who cares if it's a little rainy!  

I am now finding pockets of time where I can start to re-focus on the other things I love:  late spring in beautiful southern Germany, outdoor living, food, pottery and art. And the dog! 

I managed to get back in the studio last week for a little pottery and painting.  This felt so good, as it had been a couple of months since my hands touched clay or paint.  I've gotten some bowls made, painted up and drying, waiting for the first firing. 

We're also planning a restoration of our barn, which is attached to our house.  This will give us some room for the wine business (we're not running the actually business from the house, but we will be making gift packages here, so we need space), and a new pottery, studio, and a new art / wine tasting / yoga space that we will use for workshops, exhibits and degustazione.    Because the house is under historic preservation rules, we have to apply for permission.  The architects have been here making detailed drawings to submit to the planning board.  Wine, art, architecture, pottery, food - all my favorite things, all at once!!!  

It's a busy time - I'll be coming back here to update our progress and hope that you are full of promise and hope for the sunny season head.  Lots of love from beautiful Germany, today and always!