Blossom Through the Stones




This is you.  It's me.  

We're all the same and at the same time very individual.  Every little experience enters our prism, and we absorb it with knowledge and circumstance, and radiate it back out.

Two people can have the same experience, and radiate two completely different things back out about it.  

Some people are resilient to events, even very difficult ones. Some struggle much more.  One person can be traumatized by an event, and another not.  

An event in and of itself is an event.  It is what we bring to the experience of the event that determines how effected we are by it.  

Some stand back up and push new shoots out of a rocky ground quickly, regardless that the rocky ground doesn't make new growth very easy.  Some see the rocky ground as creative earth necessary to individuality and development.

The physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual factors that influence our ability to accept change and move on  are such an interesting and moving study.  I've been studying this material for months.  In order to make sense of our own feelings during times of trauma, change, and grief, it's important to know what's happening to us and why.  

I invite you to join me for the four week course, Resilience:  the Art of Moving Forward.  The course is comprised of four weeks worth of study - videos, pod casts, and written text - that are geared to give you a full understanding of moving forward during trying times.  

This isn't about religion.  Or particular beliefs.  It's about finding your own way to shine with the spiritual set with which you feel the most comfortable.  You don't have to buy into any specific way of thinking in order to gain a much deeper understanding of how to comfortably move on in your own very individual way.  

Upon registering and paying, you will receive an email with access to a page on this blog for the course materials.  This email will be sent out on April 26th.  Don't worry about whether or not you will be able to attend any on line events.  I formulated the course so that it can be taken as a self-study, with support through a secret Facebook page.  You can read and do the exercises at your own pace, and communicate with me at your own pace, too. 

I am offering this course at a price that is affordable to just about anyone in need of this information.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at