Authentic Shifting

Lately my world has been inundated with all kinds of energy regarding authenticity. Experience brings a deeper understanding of my own work. Sometimes it's really shocking, because I strive to be true to myself.  And then I find I've been doing the opposite, albeit unwittingly.  I've allowed myself to get caught up in someone else's energy and then masquerade it around as if it's my own.  At some point, my awareness kicks in (normally through some kind of eye-opening event) and I have a chance to bring myself back to my own center. When I manage to do this, I am equally shocked to find out how much I've learned from the process. 

It's continuous, the shift toward authenticity. 

Sometimes, we sell ourselves a bill of goods.  We see our authentic selves as a static state of being.  We should find ourselves, we should know ourselves, we should be ourselves, end of story.

But it's not like that.  Authenticity is like trying on clothes at your favorite store.  Some things feel right immediately.  But sometimes, we convince ourselves that something works.  We buy it, we take it home, we convince ourselves to wear it, but then find we just don't feel that great in it.  It doesn't work for us. Sometimes we get stubborn and keep wearing it.  But if we're smart, we give it to someone for whom it works, and make space in our closet only for things we love.

That's a bit how authenticity is.  We try something, we put it on, we decide how we feel with it.  If it works for us, we take it into our spiritual inventory.  If not, we're better off letting it go.  

This shifting and trying is all part of change and growth.  It keeps us from being judgmental and stagnant. It makes us pliable and keeps us in touch with our own vulnerability and inner strength.