What do you want?  To expand your knowledge?  Change your path?  Try to make something you love to do into a more essential part of your life?  There are so many things you can do but where do you begin?  How do you make time for what's important to you?  You want to dive in deep to your soul work?  

The basis of our work together is your creative desire.  I've had clients who take one session, and others who have continued for years, every once in a while coming back with new issues and challenges that surface and need to be reviewed.  Since beginning private coaching in 2012, I've worked with dozens of people from just about every walk of life,  My experience tells me that a successful coaching relationship relies on a great deal of honesty on the part of the client and the coach.  I don't do "packages" for that very reason.  Each session reveals something special that might be just enough, or might require follow up.  

The goal is new understanding.  Sometimes it comes in the form of a new question that needs to be addressed.  Sometimes it's a true revelation, a pearl, that brings a person to another level in understanding how a small change can really produce a new reality. For this reason, a session might be enough, or might lead to more, very much depending upon so many factors that we can't know until we begin! For this reason I reduce the cost of coachings after the first session.  I want to make this as easy as possible for you, and affordable as well.  

  Twenty five years ago, I moved from the United States to Europe with the mandate to manifest change.  In the last twenty years, I have changed countries twice, learned languages, owned a top rated B&B,  restored houses, become a ceramic artist and trained and coached hundreds of people.  Change is a deep part of who I am  and has influenced my creative growth.  Let me share what I have learned with you.  I've been through the deep pits of fear and the elation of having succeed beyond my dreams.   I have amassed many morsels of survival and strength to share with you as you approach the most creative time of your life. 


Creative Mentoring

Single Skype/Facetime/telephone appointment of 75 minutes dedicated to freeing your spirit and igniting your soul.    

This is a session to dissolve mental hurdles that you either can't see yourself, or maybe fear overcoming.  We'll talk about your ego, your dreams, your spirit and desires, your fears.  

This is a straight talk session.  Expect honesty and directness. The intent of the session is to unblock and free your energy, and I can only help with that if I tell you what I see.  Creative mentoring is a starting point from which moving forward with your own creative work will be clearer and more defined.

Fee: €150  (click here for currency conversion into USD)

Once you have paid for a session, I will email you to set up a time that works for both of us, and a short list of questions to get our work together started.  

Note:  If you choose to work with me after the first session, future appointments will be available to you for €100 per session.

 I'm located in the European central time zone.  This means appointments with the states take place as follows:

East Coast - Midwest:  Between 8-11 am and between 1-2 pm Monday through Friday, between 8-10 am Saturday

West Coast:  Between 8-10 am Monday through Friday

Please contact me using this form to establish an appointment time. 

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How can I even begin to express the enormity of how Diana's mentoring has impacted my life and creative process....What I can share is that Diana's words are a sign. I have enjoyed many sessions with Diana over the past few years and her wisdom always gently yet powerfully nudges me in the next right direction. It never ceases to amaze me how she is always 10 steps ahead of me in knowing exactly what I need for where I am at any given moment in my creative process and life in general. Much of the beauty of it is that her sessions are never over once the call ends. I often return to the recordings and find new layers of meaning in her words and insights, which come to the surface when I am ready to understand them. I am so very grateful that our paths crossed several years ago, when I learned to overcome my creative blocks through my very first session with her, and can honestly say that I would not be where I now am in my creative journey, without Diana's compassionate and heartfelt guidance, friendship, and support, which have moved mountains in my life.

Sophia Kahn, Artist, Sophia Kahn Studio

My session with Diana was like talking to a friend, a very honest friend that gives you the answers you need to hear and has your best interests at heart. Our conversation gave me guidance and, most importantly the tools, I needed to leave my ego behind and find my inner voice, the one I had ignored for too long. In the short time since then I have been able to start on the path I know I want be on with so much more confidence than I have ever felt before. Diana introduced me to my True Self and I’ll be forever grateful to her for that.”      

Nancy B. -  client