I've been a creative entrepreneur for 20 years in two different countries. It's great to run your own show.  By starting you open yourself up to energy that can allow you to grow exponentially, become financially independent, meet interesting people, and experience things you never thought possible.  

Starting a business that's creatively based means

  • having an idea that you are passionate about,
  • a product or service you love and can produce, and
  • being willing to do the work of giving the idea or product or service a birth of its own.  

It's hard graft, but deeply satisfying. 

It can't stay still and just be one thing.  Just as you grow and change creatively and spiritually, so does your business.

You inject your soul, talent and intelligence into the creation of your business.  You sow, you blossom, you harvest, you pull back, you sow again.  

Doing this and keeping the focus on the nuts and bolts of the business itself is very challenging.  Which is why creatives in particular benefit from structure - one that allows for change and flexibility, but also is in line with the constraints of time, financial reality, workload and ability. 

The Creative Business Start Program

We begin with a non-binding, free 30 minute Skype conversation to get to know each other.

(We both need to feel comfortable before committing to a long working relationship, don't you think?)

  • Duration:  8 weeks
  • Structure:  4 90 minute, once-every-two-week Skype calls,
  • task lists
  • emails during the duration of the program
  • a business structure journal at end of program.
  • By the end of the eight week program, you will have collected the information needed and to have assembled a business structure journal based upon your talent, passion and craft and financial goals/abilities.  
  • There are four chapters to the journal.  Each chapter will be the subject of a call. 
    • your mission statement and concrete business concept
    • your basic financial plan and goals
    • your basic marketing plan and goals
    • your one year plan-of-action to meet your goals  
  • YOU create the journal from the work we do together.  The spirit of your business structure stems from you.  Our work will be to tap into your creativity and explore, together, how and what would work best for you and your potential clients at this point in your professional journey.  Among others, we'll explore the following themes:
    • What is it exactly that you want to do?
    • What is the need your clients have?
    • How does your good or service fulfill your clients' need?
    • What are your personal goals for your professional business?
    • How is your branding going to look and feel?  What will it express? 
    • Where help do you need from the outside?
    • How much are you ready to invest in your business concept - financially and energetically? 
    • How can you establish a viable and useful mailing list?
    • How do you price your goods and services?
    • How will you advertise your product?  
    • How do you build a successful and maintainable social media presence?
    • How does Google factor into your success? 
    • What's the competition doing and what role does that play in your business?       

 Fee:  €1,000  (click here for currency conversion into USD or BPS)

Once you've decided to embark on this program, the fee will be due in full.  

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