cracking your beautiful, well honed surface

Your Beautiful Self.

You dream.  You function.  You do all the things that are expected.  Work things.  Home things.  Family things.  Somehow the days squeak by and you've held it together, again and again, in a way that your mother would be proud of.

Taking care of yourself means something different, though.

Your beauty, your radiant self becomes flattened and ground down as the micro fine sand of making it all work hits your surfaces, the rough edges and corners, the secret wishes and goals, the dark and the sacred until you are smooth, smooth as a stone and functioning like the machine you never really were.

Until something hits.  An illness.  A divorce.  A change.

A revelation.

And the surface cracks and underneath there are familiar shadows that reveal themselves, where all the corners and darkness and beauty have been laying in waiting for just this moment to explode through the well honed surface and remind you, once again,

who you really are.

The change may come from you or it might come through you.  But its job is always the same.

The purpose of change is to expose and reveal the essential.  The essential you.