your special thing



There was never a better moment to start than now. Just when you think that you have run out of ideas, when you hit the reserve on the gas tank, when your skin is patchy and your back hurts and your cuticle is ripped and you're getting a cold sore and you can barely keep your eyes open even after a jolt of caffeine at three in the afternoon, it's time to start.

Start writing your thoughts.  Start busting through.  Start with a word, a phrase, a comment on someone's blog that you like a lot.  Start picking at your brain for signs of life when you swear you're flat-lining.  Stretch your neck and your legs and make yourself a cup of tea (I just did.  Green tea with lemon).  Start giving form to your special thing.

I have  a precious half hour before I need to get busy again, doing chores.  If I don't write now, I won't write today.  It's too important. I must write. I must. If I don't make my important things a priority, then who will?  No one.  Not a single person. If I don't make my pots a priority, then who will?  No one.  Not a single person.

It's all down to me.  I can decide. I can relinquish all that I want to do to the Land of the Undone or I can just get on with it.  I can let the moments pass. Or I can take whatever precious moments I have and I can turn them into something worthwhile and maybe turn a head or two in a similar direction and start feeding and being nourished by the Land of Creativity.

I can write. I can write like my friend Arlene wrote until her writing became a blockbuster movie.  I can write and cook like my friend Gina wrote and cooked until her writing became a best selling cookbook.  I can write like my friend Marcus wrote until his blog almost exploded from community comments.   I can make pots like my friend Lindsay made pots until she furnished an entire French hotel with her vases.  I can cook like my friend Letizia cooked until she ended up with an inn and an internationally recognized cooking school. I can do it in my own way and in my own moment but I am surrounded by these amazing people who do amazing things and it's not just a co-incidence.  It's because they are guides. I choose to see them that way.

I know.  I have some pretty darn cool friends. And I know something about them and and about me and about you.  If they can, then I can and you can.  They made their special thing their priority.  That is what we are here to do:  to make our special thing our priority despite how many chores and battles and headaches and sore backs and other things get in the way.

It's not easy. Oh, I know it's not easy.  It's a struggle and a fight and there are days that I run around like a chicken without a head and want to rip my hair out because I felt like I didn't accomplish a damn thing.  But on those days, I remind myself that to be whole, I need to do my special things.  To be the best I can be, I need to make time for those moments when my fingers hit the keyboard or wrap around that elusive wet mound of clay and I can connect.  Connect with such an integral part of my soul that I know, for those moments, exactly why I am here.


There is no time.  Or there is all the time in the world. You decide how to get your special thing started and how to get your special thing done.  You have, inside of yourself, the power to make magic happen not only for yourself - because it's never that magical if you create only for yourself.  You have the power to make it happen for everyone you touch.  You can give energy and pots and words and cakes and pasta and screenplays and blogging love and friendship.  You can and to be happy and whole and balanced, you need to try.

Find your thing.  Find your special thing.  And love it into life.

Time to go pull in the laundry. But before I go, I want to ask you to comment and tell us about your special thing, and how you see it manifest.  What beautiful thing do you want to see come from your time here on earth?