admitting what's real just shoves us ahead

I've been touched by my truth, but in a good way.  After my guru post, I thought I had really unofficially ended my blogging career, such as it was, through an official crash and burn.   I really don't have a clue what I'm doing half the time (that's in general) and tend to follow my gut. Which can be good or bad, it just depends.  I really didn't mean to make that big a deal out of that post, but the harder I worked on it, the more I realized that something was amiss inside of me that needed clarity . The minute I hit "publish"  I almost regretted it, thinking, oh, that one's going to come back to bite me, not because what I said was something other than what I thought, but because I wrote exactly what I thought.  And doing that is always a risk. But in the end, I offer Jonathan Fields an olive branch.  Because it's not really about him, but so so much more.

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That article received some of the most interesting comments I could have imagined, and led to Marcus Sheridan writing a blog post about my post/the subject of having a guru which in itself received a slew of comments.  My friend Michelle Fabio reposted the part of the post she thought was the most important, the actual one I had written as a guest post. I think there was something in the post that we can all relate to - thinking that others intrinsically know more than we do, and coming to terms with the fact that they really don't, no matter how they're packaged and sold.

But in reality, admitting what's real just shoves us ahead.  And brings all kinds of revelations. People get honest right back, which is cool.  Truth is, I'm not always comfortable with the way the Internet functions and the way we all "juggle" for some kind of position here.  Having said that, it's my media of choice for expressing myself.  And I've decided to take it as that, and nothing more.  Because when you get what doesn't work in your life out of your system, it makes room for other things.

Joy is your truth in practice.  Your fears and insecurities, your power, your hard earned experience, your determination and drive - those thing compose your truth, my friends.  If you can't do something, you can't do it.  If a direction doesn't work for you, change it.  Trust your instincts.  Admit who you are to yourself.  And love that person, because she's the one that's going to be holding your hand for the rest of your life.

Last week, after admitting my blazing insecurity to my little blogging world, amazing things happened.

First of all, Jane Barefoot Rochelle, a beautiful woman, artist and healer, performed a healing touch session for me.  She sensed, through that blog post, that a connection could help me right now.  Remember, she's in North Carolina and I'm here in Italy.  I can just say this about the session:  I'm still unpacking its message and will be for some time to come.  It was stunning and something that I will not forget.  This is one amazing woman who has a gift to give.

I made contact with a woman named Mary Shafer.  After finishing the edits to my upcoming novel, True Vines, I thought I had put it to rest for good, sending the final manuscript back to my editor with a prayer.  Shortly thereafter, through a series of clicks, I found out that Mary had written a book that documented the actually history of an event in one of the critical chapters of my book.  Did I say she documented it?  Mary Shafer wrote the quintessential documentary of the 1955 flood on the Delaware River in Pennsylvania spawned by Hurricane Diane. This horrific flood was the "first billion dollar flood" in the United States and took over 184 lives as it raced up the Delaware River to New England.  I could historically fact-check my writing and will be eternally grateful for Mary's contribution to my own book's accuracy.

And I realized something important. All I did by writing my mind was follow my own truth.  Funny, that.

When you follow your own truth, and let the chips fall where they may, how does it make you feel?  Free? Scared?  A bit lonely? Do you worry what people will think of you?

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All of your comments were wonderful (I swear I get the most beautiful comments on my blog) and I thank you all.