Wall Staining

Anyone who has ever visited here knows that we don't paint our house -- we stain it, in different colors.  We do it when the mood strikes, using colors that make us happy at the moment.  It is a source of self expression for us.  

Today we stained the outside of the wine cellar.  Over the years, I have found a formula for stain which works best for our plaster:
1 part fixative (water soluble sealer for plaster walls - looks and smells like Elmer's glue mixed with water)
1 part white house paint
3 parts water
universal colorant (this is the stuff that paint stores use to make your custom colored paint. You can buy colorant at home improvement stores.)
We apply with whatever we need to -- rollers, rags, brushes.  
The plaster takes the stain (which is very watery) in irregular patterns, making a very natural look.

When we get the planting done on (this is still partially a construction site, we are just trying to make it look, well, cool....)  I will take some more picture. Now there is a raw ugly wall I want to mosaic....as soon as this heat breaks....