Time in the Garden

OHHHHHH!  Boy, does it feel good to get back into the garden. We are not out of the woods, mind you.  Monday we have 57% chance of snow coming our way (we have become snow statisticians)  But for three hours today, we cut and cut and cleaned out the muck and damage which the show left behind. You can see the snow in the background on these photos, but it was warm enough to work without a coat.  I trimmed the lower frans  to give our palm plant more the look of a tree and cut back the juniper bushes which had taken over. Micha cut into pieces a large plum tree which had come down during the winter -- next year's firewood in the making. 
Next up will be raking, new top soil, new mulch in places, and then it will be time to tackle the back yard -- but because of the shade back there we still have over a foot of snow. We did a good amount of cutting, though, which yielded a large pile. 

Garden work is so meditative.  It really does my soul good to get out there after all of these very intense winter months.  I feel like we are starting to move forward, slowly.  Only a few more weeks of cold weather and the snowy fields will give way to green shoots.  Even the few hours of warm weather today brought out our neighbors' bees - it was so wonderful to hear them in there unison song, looking for a freshly blooming almond tree....
Almost all my perennials survived, I am surprised to see.  Lots of broken branches but everything looks like it made it through the roughest winter in a generation.   Even my two olive trees did just fine.  
I am cautiously optimistic.  Spring 2009 will actually arrive soon!
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