the quiet time

A very busy time it's been.

Having a B&B in the wine country in Italy means that September and October are always bustling.  People come, wanting to experience first-hand the process of grapes being harvested and going to the primary crush.  The smell of mosto is everywhere this time of year, as the vineyards turn from green to olive to gold to red.  Slowly, the tractors have rounded up all of the grapes and a quiet is settling in as late October brings cool weather, misty mornings, and the smell of wood burning stoves.

In two weeks, my maniacally busy season comes to an end, and I can dedicate myself to the things I love most - ceramics, writing and cooking.  When the last sheet is ironed and the last herb frittata is made, my peaceful time starts.  I am looking forward to it.  It has been five years since we have had an off-season without a huge, property altering, expensive renovation project.  Five years have passed since we have had a complete break from either major construction or innkeeping.  It's been so many years of building and growing, but also of stress, worry, mishaps and tears.  I reckon I am at the most tired I have ever been. Innately I know that it's time for me to stop and take pause.  It's time for me to do what the guests do when they come here. To relax.  To sleep. To recharge.

In my conversations with guests, one theme repeats itself over and over.  As we get older, we have to take care of ourselves.  Pushing forward, regardless of the costs, is the stuff of fools.  There really is a time for every matter under heaven.

My goals for the following five months?

To simplify my life in as many ways as possible.

To get strong again after a very exhausting season, one that followed a very exhausting winter, full of construction and dirt and ice cold weather.

To become a better writer and potter.

To savor the quiet.

To heal.