the miracle



For you.

You who puts it out there the best you can, day after day.

 You who deals with the fall out, takes responsibility, wishes quietly for more hope .

You who smiles at moments of great weariness.

You who gets up, stretches, sighs, and does it again, day after day.

You who gives too much but can't seem to do it any other way.

You who listens and empathizes and doesn't judge.

You who would like, at the end of the day, just to be heard.  And accepted.  And loved.  Just the way you are.

You won't be broken.  Because you are a miracle.


There's one spot left for Di Mackey and my Your Beautiful Truth Retreat at the end of August... come and revel in your story. Di came to Piedmont this week and we had our pre-retreat summit, scheming and laughing, planning and dreaming - all for you.  We want to reveal to you what kind of miracle you really are.