The Gratitude Friday Club: The Guests

I have a pretty good day job.  I work hard, make things nice for other people.  In return they thank me, they laugh, they relax, they enjoy themselves.  The more they laugh and relax, the harder I try to make it nice.  They come from all over the world:  America, Germany, England, Australia, New Zealand, China, Switzerland, South Africa... and they bring me news of their corner of the world.  I am richer for their being here, and I don't mean in my piggy bank.  

They forgive when things don't go according to plan; they wait, taking in the view if breakfast is a little late.   They don't realize how much they make my day by writing a few simple lines in my guest book.
How many people have a job where they get to be their own boss and have so much positive feedback?  Not that many, I think!  
Like I have always said, the guests make the magic here.

artdiana baur9 Comments