The Gratitude Friday Club

In the grand scheme of things, being grateful might be small, but it is very important.  I started the idea of posting the things for which I am grateful really for myself -- to get my gratitude out of the world of the nebulous and into concrete words in cyberspace that I could go back to them and read them when times get tough. You all responded with warmth and enthusiasm.  Thank you for that.  And today, I introduce the Gratitude Friday Club, made up of bloggers who want to participate.  If you have contacted me and said you want to actively participate on your blog and I somehow missed linking you up, or if you wish to do so and don't see your name on the blogroll, just leave me a comment with your link -- I will get you right on there.  I don't want anyone to feel compelled to do this, it is just as wonderful if you read and get joy out of the comments of others.  

You just need to write a Friday post about the things you are grateful for, and link it back here to me at Creative Structures.
This week I have gads of stuff to be grateful for. After fighting the bureaucracy and running from office to office, my Permanent Residency Permit to stay in this country arrived.  Whew.  And, although the law has changed concerning foreigners and health coverage, I managed to get my insurance here renewed for another five years-- with the help of some very nice people at the Commune.  They conspired to help me, and I am very grateful.  
I got back on the pottery wheel after more than a year. For so many reasons, I could not work on the wheel -- the extreme weather, the construction which turned the studio into a warehouse, the work, and my own not feeling great or creative.  That's all over.  I am  back at it, and it is wonderful.
We had a wonderful week with our guest Diana who flew home yesterday. Today we get guests from Germany and Great Britain.  The pool and the fried sage leaves await them.
My brother in law lost his mother this week, which was sad.  But she lived to be 90 years old and only suffered one day before passing.  We should all be so lucky.  My sympathy and blessings to the family.
The elderflowers have turned into elderberries and I will be making elderberry soup this week as a dessert, with mascarpone cream.  The markets are so full of gorgeous stuff, if I go there with a 10 euro bill, I come home with enough fantastic produce to last us for days.  
And I slept thru. Twice in a week. That is a record. I do not believe I have done that in many years.  Boy, does good sleep make a huge difference. 
And my friends, I am grateful for every single one of you.  For making me feel like this is a good idea.  
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.