The Big Joy of the Small Garden

Beauty is abundant.
After caring for some small gardening beds here for six years now, something new is emerging for me -- the feel of a grown - in garden. For years, the front strip that runs along the veranda was full of plantings - things that came together and things that did not - until this year when it all started to work. The palms are getting larger. The rose bushes are filling in. The pergola is finished and covered. It's taken on a life, a feel of its own, and I love it. Roses next to chive flowers; ivy growing every which way. The fig is arching over to the pergola; soon the grape vines we planted will be scrambling up the rusty iron posts.

There are few things more satisfying than a lovely small garden. A place where a person can sit, drink a cup of tea, read a book, enjoy some shade. It's lovely to have this here, in finished fashion, after six years. Another dimension to our home.