Swedish Christmas Market, Karin Eriksson and Manos

Wonderful jams and spreads, all home made

Hearth baked breads of every type

Karin's bowls and plates...

... and a peek in her home design shop

She carries my very favorite teas, Samova, from Hamburg -- here is MY flavor, Maybe Baby.
She has taken little samples of her glaze selection which she has fired and made the most wonderful mobile wall hangings by threading them on clear wire. I saw this and I thought WOW!!! This is such a fantastic idea -- beautiful, sweet, just lovely.

Gorgeous vase forms, perfectly proportioned.
Karin and me in her shop. Her shop, with those slanted windows, is exactly as I imagined it. It is flooded with light even on a rainy day.

On Sunday we took a drive with our friend Lisbeth out to Överjärva Gard, which is a lovely, traditional Swedish handcrafters' village in Solna, an outlying area of Stockholm. My reason for wanting to go was to visit a talented potter and artist there named Karin Eriksson, who owns a shop named Manos. The double benefit was that last weekend, the village celebrated its Advent Market, with horse rides for the children, and lots of handcraft demonstrations. Although the weather was not friendly, but instead cold and rainy, the village was full of visitors and bustling with Christmas spirit.

There were woodworkers, producers of jams and spreads and a wood burning bread oven producing some fabulous looking loaves (see above). The whole atmosphere was natural and rustic.
I have loved Karin's work for a long time. I find her things light and inspiring with aspect of whimsical. These characteristics make a person want to hold her pots in the hand. I love the proportions and texture of her work. I got to look around her private studio as well.
She also carries a very fine selection of hand made products from other sources, but everything fits in with her work in a way that feels perfect.
I cannot tell you how motivating it is to see how someone like Karin works. For me, it's pure inspiration. She was absolutely charming. If you would like to purchase some of Karin's work, she has an online shop for Manos. I have ordered her items to be sent to the United States before and they arrived, tastefully packaged and in perfect condition. If you have special requests concerning your order, you can email her and she is extremely responsive. You can even place Christmas orders up to December 17th.
Tack, Karin!