Studio Day: Out of the Fire, Part 2-The Good, The Bad, and the Cracked

The Good.

These first two pictures are of a platter and three small bowls that some how took on a shade of pink. They were near those small red mosaic tiles in the kiln, which by the way, over fired and lost ALL their red ... and gave it to these pieces, which are really stunning! A good accident! Next time, I will spray a very, very light coat of the red glaze powder over a glazed piece before putting it in the kiln, using some kind of a stencil, like a heart. I will see if I can get this light, lovely pink shading in some sort of design on the piece. Yummy.

The Bad (and the Good, too)

I had put two tiles in the kiln, using exactly the same glaze. One was the water tile, the other was a more graphic leaf design. The tiles were side by side. The oven developed a hot spot where the water tile was and overfired the glaze.
While the result is interesting, it is not the one I had hoped for. It turns out I liked this tile more when it was white, I think. But, wonder upon wonders, the more graphic tile, which I thought was quite average before putting it in the kiln, came out really stunning! And although the two tiles were directly next to each other in the kiln, the glaze on this one is perfect. Go figure.

So our Canadian friends are going to get this tile worked into a piece of wall art. I will show the finished product. Now that I see the finished tile, I know exactly what kind of backdrop it needs to have. I love this tile!!

The Cracked.

Two pieces cracked in the oven. Melissa's tile -- sorry, Melissa, you will have to come back and make another one! The tile was too thick and probably could not take the glassy glaze. Bummer.

...and the big platter! AHHHHH! GRRRRR! It had air bubbles in the slab. Silly me. You can see, it looks like it had a bad case of teenager skin if you look closely at the surface. This goes under the category of "stuff happens".

The Good Again...

This was a test plate where I mixed cobalt and copper slips, engraved and sanded the surface. The picture does not really do it justice .... it's really a cool looking piece.

Birgit's tile is very cool!! It will make a great wall hanging or desk paper weight. For some reason, the little red dot turned pearly black, which is actually ok.

...and one more general overview of my everyday ware for the B&B. I am going to be doing some more pieces, of course, and paint the slip on in designs, and combine those pieces with these.

I hope you have enjoyed this little journey. In the next Studio Ceramics Series, we will be throwing pots and building pieces. Thank you for your interest!

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