Studio Day: Out of the Fire, Part 1

I opened the oven and removed a few (very few ) of the pieces. I will remove the rest tomorrow, with an explanation of the successes and failures. Here are a couple of the successes:

The little bowl, turquoise runny glaze on the inside, painted oxide black in a design on the outside. This may be one of my very favorite pieces ever. I will definitely be making more pieces using this technique.

Glaze test: Managnese oxide 1% and Chrome oxide 1% in the runny glaze. I thought it might turn out pink, but instead I got this gorgeous, glassy black-brown with tiny green specks! It's a keeper.

Glaze test Chrome oxide 2.5% in the runny glaze: really interesting with different hues of green. I am going to run this test again using only 1.5% chrome oxide to see if I can get it a little less opaque and a bit lighter. Very promising.

My standard glaze on the Sexy Bowls (thank you Amanda for that name!) worked perfectly as usual, I did not screw up the recipe :)

Come back and visit tomorrow for the rest. I have a lot of work waiting out there in the studio for me!!

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