Studio Day - Loading and Starting the Kiln

Today I filled the oven. I started with the biggest, flattest pieces towards the bottom, and built up from there, filling in any available spaces with tiles and tests. Nothing can touch each other, and colored glazes have to have even a bit extra distance from other pieces.

I put the water tile up on stilts in case the glaze runs a bit, I can still save it, and it won't stick to the platter.

And, little by little, the space gets filled...

The computerized timer allows me to control exactly the speed which the oven heats up. It will take 22 hours for it to reach 1240 degrees, then it will maintain that temperature for one hour and then will have to cool at least 12 hours before I can even crack the door open. Otherwise, it can be very dangerous. The color inside the oven at the highest temperature is absolute white.

So, the firing will be done by tomorrow at this time, and I will be able to crack the oven on Sunday morning.

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