Studio Day - Glazing, Tests, and Experiments

Today I set about taking the tile glaze I had mixed last week and dividing it to do 1) a batch of copper (turquoise) glaze for a very special tile and an ornamental bowl and 2) four tests, mixing the basic glaze with four different colorants (oxides) to see if I can get some interesting colors for future tiles.

The name of this glazes is "Tile A" and I divided it up into 5 100 gram batches, leaving the other 500 grams to make the copper glaze.

To each of the 100 grams I added -- iron oxide (should be a brown/amber color), chrome oxide (should be green), manganise oxide (not sure, could be pinkish), cobalt oxide (should be blue) and the last one I mixed half maganise and half chrome as a real experiment (might turn out rose). These are real experiments, might end up being disastrous, but if they are good, they will give me alternative colors for my decorative wall tiles. Nothing too horrible can happen, because I am putting the glaze on flat tiles, and it can't really go anywhere. I can't put the chrome tile next to the iron one because chrome and iron hate eachother and make a nasty vapor in the oven if the tests are next to eachother, turning both black.

Then I made some "black paint" out of all the oxides, one part of each, and painted one side of this tile which my friend Birgit's daughter Melissa made. The other side will be glazed turquoise.

On this tile, which my friend Birgit made, I painted the black into the deeper parts, and then sanded the top of the tile with sand paper. The little dot will be glazed red.

This tile is part of an art piece for guests/friends from Canada, purchased as a gift by other friends. It's an absolutely beautiful tile, and will be glazed turquoise. It resembles water. The first picture is before I glazed it, the second after I glazed it.

This is an experimental bowl, glazed turquoise in the inside, and painted with the black paint on the outside and then sanded.

So tomorrow, I need to sieve and glaze the sample tiles. After that, my glazing phase will be done, and I will fill the kiln either tomorrow night or Friday. I will fire over the weekend. My firings take approximately 24 hours and then the kiln has to cool down for about 12 hours before I can crack it open.

Tomorrow or Friday I will blog about loading the oven.

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