Studio Ceramics: Perspective Photos

pasta plate

dinner plate

dessert plate/ antipasti plate 

tea/rice bowl

coffee cup

Thank you for your comments about the pottery prototypes.  I am now posting photos of the pieces which show them in relation to other things -- my hand, some typical kitchen items -- to give an idea of actual size.

Dana -- I am toying with the idea of making the dinner plate a little larger, but not too much.  Since "secondi" typically are not too huge, I am thinking that this plate should be able to sit comfortably on a glass charger plate.
Francesca -- I am doing some prototype designs and patterns.  Here are three I am trying:
Here the copper (celadon green) engobe is painted in a pattern, and the negative spaced is carefully carved away, leaving a slight relief.  The relief will diminish after the glaze is applied.
Here the engobe (cobalt blue) is applied and the pattern is scratched into the plate (scrafito)

Here the pattern is scratched into a naked plate.  The engobe is applied into the crevices and then the plate is lightly sanded with steel wool to remove any extra engobe.

Note:  You cannot see the actual color these plates will be until after the second, or the glaze, firing.  The color comes from the reaction of the metal oxide (in these cases, cobalt blue and copper green) with the chemicals in the glaze.  So you have to use your imagination a bit. This is the part of ceramics which can yield the most interesting surprises....
I will do a few other design techniques and we will see how they come out.  Now everything has to be bisque fired and then glazed, and then high fired.  Lots to do!
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