Studio Ceramics: Making Mosaics

As I wait for a huge order of clay and glazing materials to finish up my orders from the past season, I decided to start a project which will take some time and effort: a bathroom backsplash and surface on which two bathroom sinks will sit. The niche is about 120 cm long. I will need a a wall mosaic which is about 55 cm high and 120 cm long, and then a table surface of about the same dimension. Above the backsplash we will attach a mirror to cover the entire rest of the wall.
The wall backsplash will be square 6x6 cm tiles with small round tiles separating them (see above). The surface will be just the squares. I am still playing with the colors, since the floor tiles have already been chosen (remember this post?) from materials I have restored. I am thinking of a bronze-silver glaze for the squares and chile red for the little dots, but that might change.
In the mean time, I have about four platters of these made and need to make about twelve more to cover the area. Isn't the little tool I have to make the little dots cool? Makes life alot easier!