Studio Ceramic Series: Behind the Wheel

After what has been a very long hiatus, I finally got behind the pottery wheel yesterday and started working. I am busy making things to fill the oven for a long-overdue bisque firing.  One order is for guests who bid and won three pieces of ceramic artwork during Gina DePalma's Cowgirl Cure Auction to benefit Ovarian Cancer Research.  Two others are for a mixture of muesli bowls, plates, cups, and serving pieces.  
People often tell me that they would love to learn how to use the pottery wheel.  It is so intriguing.  The reality is that the only way to learn how to throw pots well is practice and patience.   It  takes time and concentration.  One must be able to clear one's mind.   If your mind is too busy when you work on the pottery wheel, the piece will go off-center because you are not focused enough.
It takes a centered mind to throw a centered pot.

The next phase is cleaning the bottoms, removing any excess, and painting with engobe, which is a mixture of grog, quartz, a bit of clay, coloring oxides and water.   Then they will dry for a couple of days and it will be time for the first firing, during which I will mix the glazes to prepare for the second firing.