Secret Courtyards

It's not necessary to win, but instead to convince

With support (something to lean on), even pumpkins can climb

The philosopher is masculine, but the philosophy is feminine

My friend Cosima's patio

One of the sublime pleasures of living in Europe is that in many urban areas, large doors hide the entries to beautiful and fully unexpected inner courtyards.

My favorite in Acqui it this one, directly on Via Garibaldi, one of the streets in the pedestrian zone. A former cloister, it has a mildly decadent, beautiful garden in the center. The surrounding residences which open onto the courtyard house restoration specialists, architects, designers, and artists. Written in cement are the philosophical thoughts of the residents.

On a spring day, it's one of my favorite spots. I sometimes stand in the middle and call out the names of the people I know. Someone normally comes to the window to say hi.

I love the philosphy that with a little help, even pumpkins can climb!

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