Repurposing – the Buffet Mirror

When we first bought this place, it was full of broken down, rotted furniture. I tried to save a few key pieces. There was a buffet that could not be saved, but it had a mirror that was intact. I put it aside - for six years - until I could find the right spot for it. A week before the first guests for this year's new room came, I was scrambling around the shops to find a full length mirror, in a panic, because I could not find anything that I liked. I thought about assembling a mosaic, but my time was short and my to-do list was long.

Then I remembered. I dove into the remaining unrenovated part of the barn and dug through the old doors and rusted wheels and tools, and there it was. The buffet mirror. A quick sanding, a little white paint, and a good cleaning and there it was - the perfect full length mirror for the new room. It belongs here, is as much part of the original house as the old tiles on the stairs, and suits the room's simple lines perfectly. Originally intended to be mounted horizontally, it's now mounted vertically. And it looks great.
Making a feeling of home means using things that are part of the original furnishings and mixing them with with new, fun pieces until the whole place hums.