The buds have started, but so slowly, as if reluctant to give up their winter sleep so easily...

...and Maxie is even more reluctant than the buds... I built myself a cozy corner from which to knit, crochet, write, plan, calculate and design. To drink tea.

And while I am so very much looking forward to spring (it's snowing again outside...) I want to appreciate these last few still moments of winter, to gather myself, to plan, to think, to meditate.

I'm back. The last two weeks have filled me with ideas and inspiration from so many sources. It is going to be a busy time, the next few months! I've put the finishing touches on the room design, have sketched out new artwork (and maybe some new color) for the existing rooms, done some planning for a new outdoor seating area, done my paperwork, planned some new ceramics, calculated new glazes, and started trying some new breakfast recipes for the B&B.

It was my kind of winter siesta. The kind where as soon as you relax, the new ideas start to flow.

And I have my husband and partner back with me, full time. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Today I am going to enjoy the snow, the wood burning stove, my home, my husband, my dog, good food, and just being.

Do the winter months motivate you? Can you get inspiration out of being still and quiet? When do your best ideas come to you?