We've recently added some exterior lighting to our barn, highlighting one of the facades which can be seen from the road. The wall of the barn is not restored, and to be honest, with the effect that we achieved with this lighting, I might be tempted to leave it exactly as it is, peeling plaster and all!

I guess you can say I am a lighting freak. Well designed lighting makes all the difference in the world. You can create or crush an atmosphere just through lighting.

Years ago, in Hamburg, we were invited to friends for dinner. They lived very sparsely, and had little furniture. What my friend Carla did was buy a bag of tea lights, and in the kitchen, she placed lit tea lights on every possible surface. I still remember to this day. It was an optimal use of lighting to create a beautiful atmosphere.

I continue to play with lighting in the rooms and in our house, trying to find ideal solutions for aesthetics, reading, eating and working.