Italy and its lessons: stuck on a hill

We've had easier months. We've been blocked from driving the 1/4 mile uphill road from a monstrous snowstorm that brought with it Siberian temperatures. Our days have been dictated by bringing pellets up the hill (by hand) and groceries up the hill (by hand).  It's been sixteen days since we could get up here with a car. Our propane is running out, and it'll be weeks before the road's in good enough shape for the big delivery truck to fill our two hungry tanks. Our wood supply is dwinding. We're trying to stretch our supplies of everything with space heaters, cringing to think of what the electricity bills will look like.

It's getting old, this extreme cold, and we're very tired on a physical level.

But enough complaining.

The flip side of extreme isolation is interesting.It's like I spiritually needed to pull back and go deep.  I cannot remember a time when I have felt more in touch with who I really am. Maybe it's the silence and the complete lack of outside activity that has brought a new level of realization.

I've been writing, throwing pots, cooking and learning. Daily activities are reduced to the essential. In the undisturbed hours of the afternoon, I've listened to my own inner voice, finding the answers to questions that are simply not there when there's too much noise around me.  The brilliant Arctic-like sun sets in the back window of my studio, and my plates, unfinished and raw, glow a golden light as if illuminated from within.

I see  the direction to move towards creatively. I've had time to scan websites full of creative ceramics and have been inspired again and again.  Your comments here on my blog show me what to write for you, what ideas might help you to move toward your own creativity.

I've had an abundance of intense silence to focus on Your Truth,  and I see the ebook coming together in a way that exceeds my own expectations. I don't know if that would have happened had I not had this quiet time. And in these ice-and-fire filled days, I've come closer to being able to  share with you very exciting news about my upcoming novel.  It's been an amazing time.

Every day is such a treasure, and while being stuck on a hill for weeks might not be anyone's idea of a good time, it's given me so much to be able to be with myself in an intense, quiet way.

Italy, once more, gives me what I need, right when I need it.