Another 12 inches fell last night. Micha, who made it back here on Saturday afternoon, is now stuck -- for at least one more day. Well, that's just fine with me actually! What's not so fine is that he is sick -- sore throat and a cold -- hopefully his flu shot will kick in and prevent it from getting worse.

Enough about the snow and our state of emergency. Ha.

I want to celebrate some fellow bloggers...

Michelle of Bleeding Espresso has written a novel in one month. She finished it on Saturday. Go visit her website to find out the details. She competed in the National Novel Writing Month and won. She is, as we all know, a star. Our star. From Calabria.

Arlene from nyc/caribbean ragazza just wrote a right to the point, straight from the heart blog post about the events last week in Mombai and at Walmart. I love her paired down, essential writing style. It hits me everytime.

, my blogging sister from Paris has moved from not even having a place of her own to live a few months ago to now having a place of her own with her husband, to having a fresh job offer, and to having a revitalized sense of how things might just shake out. She's smart and I love reading what she writes.

Middle-Aged Diva continues to delight me with her blog posts and I wish everyone would stop by and give her a read. She tried to be our guest last year and I am hoping she will be our guest in 2009 -- if we manage to make that work it will be like having a friend I never met here. Hmmm!!

Ice Tea for Me did it! She posted every day for thirty days -- as part of National Blog Posting Month --go over and see how she's feeling!

Elizabeth from Arial is Not Helvetica is a sharp, well written blog about travel, fashion, type, tv and other subjects of current interest. Elizabeth keeps me informed and thinking that I kind of know what is actually going on. I think she's cool.

And to the rest of the blogs on my blog roll: you are all such talented and interesting people -- and I turn to you all more often than you can imagine for support and inspiration and for another perspective on things.

I thank you all for that.

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