I Heart Decor8

Maybe it's because she appeals to my sense of what design should be - an outer expression of the inner self. Maybe it's because she injects fun and a sense of creativity in her blog, with some new discovery presented on a very regular basis.

Maybe it's because of the shared experience I have with her -- she is an American who lives a good part of the year in Northern Germany.

Holly Becker makes it all seem so easy. She has a fabulous interior design blog -- Decor8, where she injects all kinds of very cool ideas and presents all kinds of creative people, magazines, websites and ideas. I love this blog for so many reasons and in so many ways. First of all, take one of yesterday's posts, Hopeful Things. Some great design ideas and creative links, coupled up with the theme of hope. She puts hope on the design surface and then she takes the idea of hope to a deeper level, bringing out interesting comments from lots of very creative people. This kind of thing is food for me. FOOD.

She loves Northern Germany. I grew fond of Northern Germany over the nine years I lived there. I know from personal experience, the northern part of the country is not the easiest place in which to integrate. She has found voice through her blog, making me wish that I had lived there during the Age of Blogging. Maybe I would not have felt so isolated in the greyness and chill of the North. She gives us all inspiration, and maybe the payback is that she receives warmth back. I hope so, anyway.

Holly, here is to you and your lovely, creative blog!