how to be creative

Creativity is a great thing.  It is the vibe through which new doors are blasted open and new realities are formed.   Many people have told me that they  don't even believe they are creative.  Nothing, of course could be further from the truth.  We are all creative. It's tapping into the creative vibe that releases the energy.

Here are some of the tools to help you tap into your own creativity:

Take some time to think.  Commit an hour a week to your own creative inspiration. Invest in a simple journal.  Go for a walk to a place that inspires you or relaxes you, and make some notes on things that make you happy - favorite dishes, maybe, or colors, or artists.  You will never know what inspires you if you don't take time to think about it.

Surf the web for the best creative blogs.  This is an adventure of huge proportions.  When I first started exploring the internet for inspiration, I came upon so many unbelievable great blogs.  Two of my favorites from day one were Decor8 and My Marrakesh. Holly Becker of Decor8 fame is an internationally known blogger and writer based in Germany who specializes in collecting creative ideas from just about every corner of the globe.  Maryam Montague of My Marrakesh is a democracy specialist, guest house owner and creative genius who travels throughout the Middle East and Africa collecting beautiful things and spreading hope to women through her NGO work.   In short, the blogosphere is loaded with talent and creative inspiration.

Try a few things out. Whether it's pottery or pastry or jewelry, you won't know if you enjoy the process until you try.  This part requires a small financial investment in yourself.  Don't go overboard.  Register for a class in your desired activity.  Meet others who are in pursuit of their goals.  Exchange ideas.

Start something and finish it.  It doesn't have to be the Mona Lisa or a necklace to rival D&G.  Important thing is to start and get one project under your belt.  Creativity is not only starting something with great enthusiasm, it's also about the discipline of finishing.  Don't allow yourself to start something new until you have finished the first thing.

Find a mentor.  Once you have found a craft that suits you, look for an artist in the same craft who does work you admire and respect.  See if that person might help you with, say, an hour of their time.  Offer to buy him/her lunch in exhange for the chance to pick their brains. Be prepared.  Have sensible questions.  Respect his/her time and their advice.

Keep journaling.  Through the process, keep journaling your creative experiences.  Collect photos, information and advice from experts.

These simple steps can lead you to discovering your own creativity and can help blow open doors to new possibilities for you. Who knows, one day you might have an on line shop on Etsy. At the very least, you will get to experience the joy of being inspired.