Gratitude Friday: The Waning Days of Summer

With a grateful heart, I welcome the first touches of fall back to our lives.  Our B&B is full of guests, something I did not think would be happening in 2009 when so many suffered so much financial loss.  I am rethinking breakfast with autumn fruits in mind.  The weather is still warm, the pool is still being used, and the change of seasons gradual.  I look forward to walks with Max, wearing socks again,  the smell of rich food in the kitchen.
Instead of flowers, I arrange acorns and rosehips in the vases for the rooms.  The mornings start a bit later, the days end a bit sooner.  It's the time of year when I inevitably feel the cycle of life's presence.    It is a beautiful, retrospective time of year. 
Enjoy your days with a grateful heart.