Gratitude Friday: More Friends

My dear friend Meg has a very sweet dog named Lucy, as many of you know.  Please see picture above, taken at our home in  October 2005.  It was the first time I ever met Meg, Lui or Lucy.  We became fast friends. But they also had a big impact on us.  

Because six months later, we got Max.  And life has truly never been the same.  So much sweetness in one creature.  Oh, it was challenging at times (like when he would steal the guests' underwear out of their suitcases, or tinkle on their luggage -but only when he was really little), but the laughter and joy he brings to our lives is irreplaceable.

So, thank you Meg, Lui.  Thank you, Lucy, you sweet thing.
And thank you Max.  For all of the music you bring to our lives every day.
Max and LucyLou 2006