Gratitude Friday: Friends

Our time in Stockholm wrapped up in the village of Vaxholm. Vaxholm is a beautiful village directly on the water (there is very little in the Stockholm area that is not either on the water or on an island), has a castle and ferries going to smaller outer islands. It was already getting dark as we got to Vaxholm, but I could see how beautiful it must be when the sun is shining.
We ate a late lunch in Vaxholm, at the Vaxholm Hotel. Here was the view from our table.
Our lunch was a traditional Swedish Christmas Table. It was a buffet which started with fish , went on to meat, and ended with traditional Swedish sweets. Vaxholm and the outlying islands are famous for herring, and we enjoyed a huge variety of herring salads -- something that you must try when in Sweden -- as well as smoked and steamed salmon, hard boiled eggs stuffed with caviar. The entire restaurant was festive, with families celebrating the second Advent Sunday.
I was so grateful to spend a bit of time with our friends in Sweden. We have known them forever but had not seen them in ten years -- until they came to visit us here in Italy in October. We had not seen their daughters since they were girls, and now they are beautiful women, and we had so much fun with them, talking and laughing.
It was a very special time, and I hope to be able to go back to Stockholm again soon!