Gratitude Friday: Creating

Today I am very grateful that I have been given the chance to explore my own sense of creativity.  Creativity is real refuge for me, a space within myself to which I can retreat when I need to think things through.  Often, I find that during my most inspired moments, my mind is completely blank, and I am completely focused on what I am doing.  It means for me that that elusive saying "live in the moment" really comes to be.  It is like channeling an energy which runs through me.  
Often I will repeat a mantra when carving or throwing on the wheel.  It turns the whole process into a meditation.
This is a photo of my hands carving a tile.  I love this photo, because my essence is there without my complete physical presence.  It is often how I experience creativity.  I see my hands making something, almost separated from myself, the concentration is so great.
Such a gift, being given the chance to explore one's creativity.