Gratitude Friday: Calm

Not too long ago, I gave a candle to a new friend who was suffering an acute bout of anxiety for many good reasons.
I bought a similar candle for myself, and told her that we should light the candles whenever we were feeling a little apprehensive. Here is mine, lit.
Lighting it made me think of my friend. And the thought of her calmed me immediately. I hope she is calm as well.
We are not alone, you know. We don't ever need to suffer our fears in silence. We do have each other. We just need to reach out. It feels so good to know that others are there, and that they understand.
Sometimes we think they won't. But often, people will surprise you. Everyone goes through so much. And so many people have insights that we can't imagine from just looking at them. Because life never ceases teaching, if we are willing to learn. If you share a little of yourself, openly and honestly, with the right person, you will receive comfort in return. Comfort and good cheer.
This week I had the incredible fortune to get to know three really lovely women. Natascha from Agriturismo Verdita, Olivia from La Luna Buona, and yesterday, Megan from TorreBarolo. The Universe blessed me with strong feminine energy this week, something that I won't hesitate to recognize as a gift.
The candle holder in the picture came out of my kiln. It turned out to be perfect for my anxiety candle.
I wish you all peace on this snowy Piemontese afternoon. Peace, calm, tranquility, and the knowledge that you are definitely not alone.
And that is something to be very grateful for.