Gratitude Friday: A Spring Shower

In harried moments, it's certainly easy to lose sight of the small things. Today, with the fall of a light, cleansing rain, we slowed down. The drops stopped, and I took my trusty SLR to find what I maybe hadn't noticed.
Like these rose hip pods from last year, in a stray vase

or the chives starting to bud and flower, ready for the herb frittate for next week's guests
The stray wild hyacinth in the gravel
The most over-photographed view in Piemonte, the one from my hill, with the storm moving out
The fig leaves shouting out their arrival in florescent yellow against the lush green backdrop

I will never tire of the spring explosion that happens every year. It's not long till the dog days of summer take over and we are watering every day. But until then, the light spring rains are most welcome, with their saturated colors and vibrant life force.