Gratitude Friday: A Hazy Shade of Winter

The Alps, from the road above our house
This time of year, when things slow down, food gets richer, and wine gets heavier, I like to write and think about what is coming down the road. When I was younger I walked by the Delaware River's edge, wrapped in scarf and gloves, and just thought.
Just thought.
I have often said that November is my favorite month. Not because life is easier and more fun. But because life is quieter and more introspective. The woods become a cathedral, the last few leaves fluttering to the ground. I come back to myself in November. Now I feel it more than ever in my life. The last guests leave sometime in the beginning of the month; I can relax my body and soul.
There is not November that has come along in my life that the lyrics of that Simon and Garfunkel song has not come to mind.
Time, time, time, see what's become of me while I looked around for my possibilities I was so hard to please but look around, leaves are brown and the sky is a hazy shade of winter

farmer collecting the last cauliflower

Don't let these November days pass without going out and looking around. Let the breeze hit your face, go to the park, to the woods, to the river's edge. Go home and light candles, make some tea, give thanks. Let the grey days relax you, and enjoy the short sunny days for the beautiful long shadows that the sun casts around you.