Gratitude Friday

Friday will be dedicated to giving thanks for the things that bless life in so many ways.  By doing this, I am hoping to inspire others that, despite immediate circumstances and difficulties, there are things happening around us that are good and enrich our lives which we need to be acutely aware of.  Being grateful makes everything so much easier, even the burdens.  In fact sometimes the burdens are there to open the door to new opportunities -- and we are better for having gone through rough patches.
If you would like to participate in Gratitude Friday, you can do it in two ways:   either post a comment here with something you are grateful for in your life, or write a blog post yourself on your blog, and link it back to me.  I will track the participating blogs and make a blogroll of the participants.
Sometimes we can think of dozens of things to be grateful for, sometimes finding just one is an achievement. It is not about quantity.  
Today, I am grateful:
for this great, rich cup of coffee which is helping me wake up after a difficult night.
for our guest and friend Diana who has flown here from the West Coast by herself to relax and  just be --it is her second visit and it is wonderful to have her here.
that after a long dry spell, my creative energy and motivation is coming back and I want to feel clay in my hands once more.
for the unbelievable peaches and plums which are coming in  in droves right now!
that despite some difficult personal moments this week, I am feeling a strong sense of myself.
for the three yoga work outs I did this week and for having the pool to dive into afterwards!  What luxury!
so.... what are you  grateful for?  Tell us!!