Buon giorno at Baur Bed and Breakfast, Oil on Canvass, Meriam Braselle

Easter brings with it a sense of renewal.  A notion that all will be alright, that the smallest buds can push through and deny the soil its surface. That anything is possible.

After the week we have had here in Italy, it is difficult, no, it is impossible for me to not be grateful.  I have so very much to be grateful for.  

I have love in my life.  I have family who loves me and who I love.  I have a partner who has gone through thick and thin with me whom I adore.  I have a great (a really great) dog. I have wonderful friends who have supported and helped me.

I live in a beautiful place, and today, I am safe and warm.  My home is not perfect, but it is special, and I am filled with love when I see the old brick vaulted ceilings, the thick stone walls.

I live a self-determined life.  This is because people have believed in us and trusted us with their precious vacation time.   To our guests, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I have the chance to experience new challenges, to raise my own personal bar, and to learn, again and again and again.

I live in a place where the aging process is respected, where older people are treated with love.

My life partner and I are healthy as of this moment.  And we have definitely learned how important that is.

I have food on my table every day.  Good, healthy food.  And I breathe clean fresh air.

I have wonderful neighbors who care for us and help us whenever we need help.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring, everyone.