Grace and Humility

Drinking Bowl
Shoji Hamada

My world has been profoundly influenced by the most humble of artists. Artistic potters, at their very core, do what they do out of deeply spiritual reasons.

Shoji Hamada is one of my artistic mentors.

Earth (clay), water (to make the clay pliable) air (to dry), and fire (to bake). The four elements constitute the world of the potter. Making a pot happen, and work correctly, takes focus, concentration, introspection, faith, and practice.

Shoji Hamada is one of the fathers of modern studio pottery. His simple forms, made on a humble manually operated wheel, fired in wood, speak of the depth of his soul. I can only hope that one day that the sum total of my pieces will contain a small portion that is present in a single Hamada drinking vessel, from its perfection in imperfection, its scale and proportion, its humor, its grace, and its humility.

Small Japanese drinking bowls/2006 dianabaur

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