good news


 photo by turid emberland

Over the last year and a half,  I've been working on a project that has consumed me.  One January day  in 2011, as I walked through the vegetable aisle of the local supermarket eyeballing the fennel, I was hit with the premise for a story.  This could be a good one, I thought to myself, as I had in the past about other possible book premises, but for some reason, the thought stayed with me through the cheese aisle and all the way to laundry detergents.  I didn't have anything but my wallet with me, so I couldn't write the idea down.  I rushed out of the store, leaving the cart and my Euro deposit behind, and raced home, hoping I wouldn't forget the idea before getting there.  The fire was crackling away in our small office.  I buzzed in, ignoring my husband's inquiries about dinner, sat down at my trusty white Mac laptop, and  hammered out what was to eventually become Chapter Three of a story called True Vines.

It's a story that goes something like this:

Shortly after her magnanimous, strong-willed Italian husband suddenly dies, a heartbroken Meryl Kramer turns her back on the bel paese and Francesco’s loving family to return to her hometown in Pennsylvania, hoping to find a safe place to heal and start over. Instead, she discovers that distance and misunderstanding have changed her relationship with her family, that she sacrificed important parts of herself through living her husband’s chosen dream and that consequences from past choices can’t be ignored. And that Italy, with its harsh, unforgiving beauty, will not allow itself to be forgotten.

I'm so thrilled to announce that I've signed a book publication deal with Gemelli Press, an independent publishing company out of Seattle, Washington and Calabria, Italy that specializes in literature of all types pertaining to Italy.  Many of you already know that my friend, fellow expat and attorney Michelle Fabio recently joined Gemelli as a Managing Editor.  Michelle played a key role in editing this book, and I never could have gotten to this point without her.

The publishing of  True Vines is a watershed of sorts.  I've been writing for years.  Half written manuscripts lay around on floppy disks, for heavens sake, still yet to be finished.  But there was something about the writing ritual for True Vines that was good for me at this point in time. In order to write this book, I not only needed to discipline myself, but I needed to find flow.  It required me finding a special spiritual place in order to be able to write.  In other words, I connected with myself for long stretches.  This was the exercise I needed at this point in life - the exercise of being present with my own Source.  From that perspective alone, it was worth every bit of energy and love it took to write it.

The book is due out in both print and Epub versions on Amazon and at retail locations in October of 2012.