go your own way

Individuality is only possible if it unfolds from wholeness.

- David Bohm



Being an individualist takes fortitude and self confidence, and a strong sense of being able to accomplish things. It means going when the world says stop, questioning when the world says just accept it.  Individualism is something that we can choose, but it can also be thrown upon us by circumstance.  Illness.  Divorce.  Other trauma.  We might have been living a perfectly acceptable if not very individual life in one moment, and then we find ourselves in the midst of change and discourse which forces us to face ourselves in ways that might be uncomfortable and new.  These things give us a new perspective and can make our old way of looking at things obsolete.  Which can be deadly to our paradigms, our assumptions and our safe little haven from which we view the world.

Change is at the root of all individualism.  You cannot be an individual without manifesting change and questioning everything. Sometimes this is hard on the people that you love, and sometimes it is hard on you. Every encounter you have is a chance to grow and change and develop.  Change keeps you flexible, open.  You can't keep yourself closed off from change and be an individualist at the same time.  The two things go together.

Embracing change leads to having an individualist view of life.  Embracing change gives you the chance to see things from a completely altered perspective.   You cannot hang on to your paradigms.  They will be blown out of the water. There is nothing more rewarding than having thought one way and then realizing you have the ability to change.  You let go of your insecurities and your ego.  You shift towards a higher Energy and a clearer picture of How Things Are.

You stop judging because you know from your own experience that every person has trials. Every person has mountains to climb.  Every person has limited resources in their own hands and souls with which to climb the mountains of their own lives.  You view others from a perspective of loving understanding because you don't want them to judge you either.  You want to be accepted as the individual you are, the person trying to climb the mountain of your own life.

There is something tremendously loving about going your own way.  People who carve out their own way crave connection and exchange with others who are trying to do the same.  This create good will and energy. Like minded people seek each other out.  They learn to agree to disagree at times.  They learn to respect the journey.

Going your own way does not mean turning your back on those you love. It means giving the people you love the best you you can possibly be. One that doesn't burden them with unrealistic expectations and quiet judgement.  It means respecting your own self first and in turn, respecting their individualism.  Honoring it.  Loving it.

Find your way. Take the first few steps on the confusing journey which leads you to yourself.  Venture to glimpse at how you really feel.  Shine some light on your own prejudices, your own value judgements.  Take the risk of changing how you view things and open the connection between your brain and your heart and your soul.

After all, we are all we have.